1. Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (Stephen Fry)
2. FOOTBALL offers the world clichés; RUGBY produces facial deformity; HOCKEY provides an acceptable outlet for psychotic violence; CRICKET alone breeds myths... More quotes here.

The 1st Annual TRMCCC Dinner and Award Ceremony  Dec 94

From: Howard Bradley

Subject: CRICKET DINNER - 25 MARCH 1994

After months of careful preparation I am finally in a position to unveil the plans for our inaugural cricket dinner. In order to allay suspicions that allowing me to organise a meal inevitably results In a cheap and nasty curry, I would like to describe the rigorous methodology that 1 have employed in arriving at the choice of restaurant.

It has been decided, by me, that each year we will honour the occasion of our annual dinner by sampling the cuisine of a leading test playing nation. Having scoured the telephone directory for details of establishments specialising in New Zealand, Australian or Sri Lankan food with absolutely no success at all, 1 finally struck lucky when 1 turned my attention to Indian restaurants. This year, therefore, we will be travelling to the Imperial Tandoori in Lambeth for an evening of sophisticated conversation and a reasonably priced and eminently edible curry.

The complete timetable for the evening is set out below:




17:00 to18:00 Dining, Room 5, 4th Floor, Friary Court. Captain Rodbert bores us all stupid with his review of season. We will also have to discuss who on earth we can dig up to play against us next season and which pitches we can get hold of Apart from that 1 don't know how he is going to string this part of the evening out for 60 minutes, but 1 bet that he does.
18-.00 to20:00 A pub somewhere As soon as we can shut Rodbert up, we can get to the pub. Friday night, however, is amateur's night when everybody and their dog goes out for a "swift half' on their way home. Popular pubs, eg: Cheshire Cheese, should be avoided at all costs. We will, therefore, decide where to go on the night.
20-.00 Imperial Tandoor, Kennington Road, Lambeth.

Speech, this time presenting a few awards for things like being, (good at cricket, or, being, crap at cricket but turning up. Following this we will finally get round to sampling the fine Indian fare served up by Kapil Dev and the boys.

For those of you who have not sampled the delights of the Imperial Tandoori before, I have attached a map so that sad people who can't turn up for the whole thing, probably claiming some sort of client-related commitment, can turn up late and not have to drink as much as they might otherwise have to.