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In which Mr Orr Ewing returns after 13 years and we all come to understand the difference one man can make.: vs Ruislip CC 16 Jul 2017 (Season: 2017)
Report by: The Nurdler

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Son, father and historic boot. Hi to the OE dynasty
So another cloudy, muggy Harlington Sunday saw a new-look Salix XI (only four players retained from last week) including the Orr-Ewings pere et fils, a first appearance this season for Asanga, and Dave, fresh from his triumphal appearance at Glaistonbury. We won the toss and opted to bowl. The skipper opened with Bala and Joe (back for a second appearance) and a pattern was set with the number 1 bat scoring quite freely with the other opener being somewhat easier to restrict. Tuffers brought on Elvis and Badmo in a bid to keep a lid on the run rate which went reasonably well with both going at under 4 an over and wickets beginning to come. One each to the first change pair and a direct-hit run out effected by Elvis. Still the free-scoring opener was in and kept the score ticking over through a good but unrewarded spell from Tuffers and one or two rather more generous overs from Asanga. Only the introduction of the not-quite-recovered Granty, bowling off a three-pace run, finally produced the desired wicket but only after the batsman had 110 runs to his credit. The end of innings scramble produced another runout and wickets for Granty and Bala and Ruislip closed on 179 for 9. An honourable mention here for William O-E who took over the gloves from YM at drinks and kept creditably for the second half of the Ruislip innings.

Tea then, which Robert thought an improvement on Glaxo circa 2004, and which shows how easily one forgets pain - 6 years of Harlington teas has me quite misty-eyed about the catering in Greenford.

On to the second innings - devotees of this column will know what to expect at this point. Once again, we started well with Robert and Granty looking reasonably at ease and Badmo scoring more fluently than of late slotting in well after Robert was bowled. At 54 for 1 after 11 we were up with the rate and apparently batting easily. But ... the centurion had come on to bowl now and after one siting over (which went for 6) he bowled 4 overs for 2 runs and a wicket (Granty, comprehensively beaten and bowled). As the asking rate started to build, some injudicious shots gave extended catching practise to the Ruislip fielders with the exception of Joe, run out by your correspondent, and YM who produced a few vintage pulls late on to reduce the margin of defeat. The opening bat came back to bowl the final over giving him match figures of 6-3-8-1 to go with 110 and a catch. Any guess who would have got Man of the Match?

Thanks to Ruislip for a good contest, We will hope to do better next season.

Salix CC versus Ruislip CC at Harlington on 16-07-2017(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)125for 8off35overs Match Lost
Ruislip CC179for 9off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Robert Orr Ewing7Bowled
2.Andrew Grant30Bowled
3.David Padmore23Caught
4.Asanga Fernando3Caught
5.William Orr Ewing2Caught
6.Joe Cox5Run Out
7.Mike Ellis2Caught
8.Dominic Spillane7Caught
9.Tony Fletcher24Not Out
10.Dillan Unadkat0Not Out
11.Balakalyan Kakumanu0Did Not Bat
1.Balakalyan Kakumanu7029214.5021.004.14
2.Joe Cox20120--6.00
3.Mike Ellis7025125.0042.003.57
4.David Padmore7223211.5021.003.29
5.Dillan Unadkat70250--3.57
6.Asanga Fernando20290--14.50
7.Andrew Grant3030215.009.0010.00
Balakalyan Kakumanu3catches
Asanga Fernando1catch
David Padmore1catch
Joe Cox1drop
Mike Ellis1drop
Asanga Fernando1drop
Balakalyan Kakumanu1drop

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Steve-O left the following remarks on 19th July 2017

I think it needs noting, for the sake of history, that it was in this game that "FletchCam" made it's debut, providing Siv, Stu and me et al hours of Sunday entertainment; an excellent initiative and proves once again that whilst Salix might not be very good at cricket we lead the way in social cricket tech