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A sad farewell: In which our heroes say goodbye to a good friend: vs London Nigerians 11 Jun 2017 (Season: 2017)
Report by: Monty the Red Barron

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Bye Bye Fev
Whilst the sun may have been shinning on Saturday, it was, in the words of the late-great Buddy Holly, raining in our hearts. Ever since Fev, (wunderkind bowler and generally good man) had been discovered by immigration officers working in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant in Clapham we had known the day would come when we would have to say goodbye and allow him to return to Fair Australia, and against the London Nigerian's that day came. Although it was well marked with Fev opening both the batting and bowling, and acting as keeper for half the innings.

As already mentioned, a bright sun shone over Harlington as Salix took on the mighty London Nigerians. Our expectations were not high; we had won only 1 of the previous 14 meeting and our 2017 batting is probably best described as...erratic. Nevertheless, with the hope that things can only get better, at just after 2pm we took the field, for a slightly shorter 30-over game.

Our bowling unit worked well, accompanied by the usual mixture of drops and catches, including a real corker from Bala (one handed, full stretch, almost on the boundary). Dills was the pick of the bowlers, picking up two wickets and sending down some real great deliveries which gave away runs about as often as the Corpse Flower comes into bloom (look it up). New man Joe also impressed with some good pace work and was duly rewarded. Elvis and Daveski also collected one-a-piece. However the Nigerians were a powerful crew, the outfield was well mown and we probably needed another 2 wickets to really slow the scoring. At tea they had 163 on the board; an above average (but not impossible) target.

It was a pleasant change to see the Salix attack firing on all cylinders. Daveski anchored the early part of the innings*, supported by Fev, with a nifty strike rate and some really big hits. When Fev went and Bala followed we feared collapse, but the skipper dug in and, once he got his eye in, also started to score big, including a 6 of real beauty. When the Daveski firework party finally came to an end Joe and GC soon followed, the latter accepting his fate with the usual wry smile and good humor. However Elvis stood firm for a while and was quickly into the runs.

By the time Elvis perished trying to hit the pavilion things were getting tight, but as long as CK kept piling on the runs hope still remained. However he was obliged to play some risky shots to maintain the run rate, and luck did not favour him on this day. When the fickle LBW finger of fate was raised over the Captain, the game was up, bar some entertaining shots from the tail (who in one or two cases looked like they were having a fit whilst wearing pads and gloves). In the end we were 25 shy of our total.

All that was left was to bid a tearful farewell to Fev, scoff the cupcakes Yesterday's man had bought to mark the occasion (for a silly moment I though tea had improved) and head our ways. Another fine player lost to the immigration system, with only the emergence of Joe to keep the circle of life moving...

*In so doing he joined the venerable crew of Salix CC heros to have 50+ wickets and 1000+ runs for the club. Take a bow fella.

Salix CC versus London Nigerians at Harlington on 11-06-2017(30 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)139all outoff28overs Match Lost
London Nigerians163for 5off30overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dave Henig44Bowled
2.Fevin Mascarenhas11Caught
3.Balakalyan Kakumanu0LBW
4.Christy Kulasingam35LBW
5.Joe Cox1Caught
6.Stuart Lumsden0Caught
7.Mike Ellis20Caught
8.Dominic Spillane5Not Out
9.Tim Collins2Run Out
10.Oliver Ferrari2Caught
11.Dillan Unadkat0Bowled
1.Fevin Mascarenhas62120--2.00
2.Balakalyan Kakumanu31170--5.67
3.Dillan Unadkat611829.0018.003.00
4.Joe Cox3026126.0018.008.67
5.Mike Ellis6033133.0036.005.50
6.Stuart Lumsden30150--5.00
7.Dave Henig3021121.0018.007.00
Joe Cox2catches
Balakalyan Kakumanu1catch
Christy Kulasingam1catch
Joe Cox1drop
Balakalyan Kakumanu1drop
Christy Kulasingam1drop

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