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In which our intrepid band fall just short of victory: vs Rotten Livers 14 May 2017 (Season: 2017)
Report by: Nurdler

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Monty Red Barron
My first match of the 2017 season recapitulated an unfortunate pattern of lost opportunities and near misses which has run through all of the 18 seasons I have been involved with the club. Yes 17 seasons ago at Islip I made my Salix debut, 1 run, 3 drops and we were stuffed despite restricting the oppo to 130 off 40 overs. But what of the present day I hear you cry? Well on a personal note it was 2 runs and no drops (so a substantial improvement for me) and the narrow 2 wicket loss for the team was less discouraging than the 63 run pasting we got back in 2000. So then having pandered to an old man's maunderings, let us proceed to relate the deeds of the day.

It began with Tuffers in charge and us being inserted on a pleasantly warm but somewhat cloudy day. The pitch was unusually dry for the time of year and behaved in a frisky fashion and we lost 3 pretty quickly, Dozy to one that bounced and stopped, Daveski to one that kept low and skidded on and Adam to a stunning reflex return catch going for a third consecutive boundary having explained at some length that he would be batting with patience and care today. There followed a repair job from Wolfie and Paddlers which took the score to 76 at drinks and things were looking much brighter but alas a bowling change immediately after drinks resulted in a spin-inspired classic Salix collapse and we barely scratched together another 30 runs (mostly thanks to Granty) before subsiding to 107 all out.

Post tea, the weather took a turn for the worse and so did our prospects as their openers put on 20-oddd and the second wicket pair took the score up to 46 in only 7 overs. However, a double bowling change introducing Bala and the skipper himself produced 3 wickets before the score passed 50 and brought the game back into a contest. Tuffers rang the changes on the bowling and Daveski induced a drag-on from the number 6 just when it looked like the Livers were getting on top, Tuffers got an lbw, the Teenwolf came back to grab a couple more deserved wickets and with 7 runs to get and 2 wickets standing it was touch and go but the batsmen held their nerves and dug out the remaining runs with only one (difficult) chance being offered.

So - a great game (it may not sound like it but it was fun) - congratulations to the Livers who were excellent and sporting opponents as always, to our Monty-alike for 2 good catches, Bala for a good debut (2 wickets and a catch), Andy for impending fatherhood (Babies LOVE cricket - Fact) and anyone else who deserves it and I haven't mentioned.

Next week Islip, I'm hoping to do better than 18 years ago!

The Nurdler

Salix CC versus Rotten Livers at Harlington on 14-05-2017(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)107all outoff31overs Match Lost
Rotten Livers108for 8off24overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dave Henig3Bowled
2.Chris Lamont0Caught
3.Adam Darling12Caught & Bowled
4.Andy Spurr37Bowled
5.David Padmore22Bowled
6.Balakalyan Kakumanu0Caught
7.Oliver Ferrari0Bowled
8.Tim Collins2Bowled
9.Andrew Grant14Bowled
10.Dominic Spillane2Caught
11.Dillan Unadkat0Not Out
1.Andy Spurr712438.0014.003.43
2.Andrew Grant40180--4.50
3.Balakalyan Kakumanu401628.0012.004.00
4.Dillan Unadkat7131215.5021.004.43
5.Dave Henig10919.006.009.00
6.David Padmore1020--2.00
Oliver Ferrari2catches
Balakalyan Kakumanu1catch
Chris Lamont1drop

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