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Tour Game 2: vs Beausoleil CC 18 Oct 2015 (Season: 2015)
Report by: Pretty Boy

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Honking it down
Rain had been forecasted for Sunday before we'd left Blighty and for once the forecasters were, regrettably, spot on. We woke to rain and got on the coach hoping that it wouldn't be raining at the ground; it was. So we sheltered in a cafe, Rog and Arsey nursed their hangovers, we drank cafe, played cards and wondered whether we should ask the coach driver to come back and get us. Eventually, at the behest of the oppo, we made our way to the ground and agreed we'd play a T20 game in the rain; it was their last game of the season and we'd all come a long way to play so seemed sensible.

And so the game commenced, played either in a down pour or a steady drizzle it didn't at any point desist. Salix batted first and made a creditable 122 with main contributions coming from CK (44) and Dozey (21). Unfortunately 6 an over proved not to be the challenge we'd hoped and Beausoleil knocked them off in 13 overs and 2 balls. Only Deepak and Davski left the pitch with a wicket to their name.

And so we came to what was clearly the highlight of the fixture - the home made curry which was outstanding and had The Nurdler declaring the chef his "man" of the match. Not a classic game of cricket but nice opponents with the game played in an excellent spirit where everyone put their personal discomfort behind them to ensure we didn't lose out to the rain.

The coach was summoned to return 2 hours early and we all, soggily, left for showers, dry clothes and the unusual sensation of feeling sorry for the Scots as 1 South African and 15 Ozzies cheated them out of their place in the World Cup semi-finals.

Salix CC versus Beausoleil CC at Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey on 18-10-2015(20 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)122for 8off20overs Match Lost
Beausoleil CC123for 2off13.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Roger Heaton4Caught
2.Deepak Winston3Caught
3.Christy Kulasingam44Stumped
4.Tim Collins0Bowled
5.Sivaarun Thangarajah14Bowled
6.Chris Lamont21Bowled
7.Dominic Spillane8Not Out
8.David Padmore6Bowled
9.Dave Henig6Caught
10.Adam Darling0Not Out
11.Dillan Unadkat0Did Not Bat
1.Roger Heaton40300--7.50
2.Deepak Winston4031131.0024.007.75
3.David Padmore20220--11.00
4.Dillan Unadkat20200--10.00
5.Dave Henig1013113.006.0013.00
6.Chris Lamont0.2040--12.00
Christy Kulasingam1catch
Dillan Unadkat1drop

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