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A loss, but Delilah breaks his catching duck: vs Whalers 10 May 2015 (Season: 2015)
Report by: Tuffers

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Whalers is spelled with an I lads
Salix came into today on a high; a 100% record for the season (1 in 1!) and after last week beating a team that we?d never beaten before it was time to face one of our friendliest rivals in the Whalers. Padders lost the toss and we were in the field. Teenwolf and Delilah opened the bowling and kept it tight; and in the third over we had the first break through. Teenwolf was able to extract a leading edge which fell just short of a diving Ollie; but rather than be disappointed he got himself up and threw in hard to Shaw Senior with the batsmen well short of his ground. The old adage of never running on a misfield came true; if only we?d made note of it for later in the day.

The first wicket brought the dangerous Kev to the wicket, and he was looking in good nick before Teenwolf got the wicket he deserved by trapping Kev LBW. Teenwolf bowled with good zip throughout the day and got his second wicket of the day when he break through the defence of the batsman and hit the off stump. Teenwolf bowled his 7 overs on the bounce and was replaced by VCGC who kept the pressure on with some tight bowling. Padders brought himself on from the other end and was soon in the wickets; firstly a leading edge landed relatively safely in my hands, and in the same over delivered a toe-crunching yorker which was adjudged to be LBW. At drinks Whalers were 5 down and would have felt under pressure. I came on after drinks and bowled the usual mix of good and the ugly. The Whalers looked to push the run rate, and as the batsman looked to advance down the wicket and lift the ball over mine and mid-on?s head; unfortunately for the batsman he slightly mis-timed the stroke and hit it straight toward Delilah. Delilah into his third season for Salix had a 100% drop record; but today broke the record and held on to good catch. Next over he was at it again. A low full toss was smashed and was a certain boundary, except for a leaping Delilah taking a brilliant catch above his head. Like London buses, you wait three years for a Delilah catch and two come within 10 minutes.

Padders got two more in his second spell, a slower ball deceiving the batsman and hitting his off-stump and another LBW meant that Padders was on for his Michelle, except that he?d run out of overs. Whalers were 9 down for 110 odd; but the 10th wicket partnership put on strong partnership and included one mammoth 6 over midwicket. Whalers ended up on 145, which felt like slightly over par on a challenging Harlington wicket.

Delilah and the Nurdler opened the batting for the chase, with the instructions of seeing off the new ball and the opening bowlers. Unfortunately Nurdler was bowled 1st ball and this brought CK to the wicket. In the face of some really good bowling and a challenging pitch; CK and Delilah got the scoreboard ticking. Until calamity struck; CK played a forceful cover drive which the fielder didn?t get hold of first time so CK called for the run. Unfortunately Delilah ended up being a yard short as the keeper whipped off the bails; and for the second time in the day a slight misfield brought a run out. This brought Shaw Junior to the wicket and was looking in good form before an in-ducker hit the top of offstump while he was leaving the ball. Shaw Senior and CK started the recovery; and with a mix of rotating the strike and finding the boundaries Salix were back in the game. Unfortunately Ben fell to a slower-ball bouncer and the momentum that the partnership was building was lost. VCGC was caught by one that stuck in the wicket, and Padders was out LBW after hitting 2 boundaries. While wickets were falling at the other end; CK was playing beautifully and scored another excellent 50. Unfortunately wickets continued to fall at the other end, Smutty was caught, and an injured Dozy was run-out as CK was looking to keep hold of the strike in order to win the game. The end was nigh as I walked to the wicket, CK looked to find the boundary but was bowled and the game was over - 26 runs short, a game that we had a chance to win, but just ended up a little short. Well played to the Whalers who were better team on the day and we look forward to getting our revenge later in the season; especially now we have a catching Delilah!

Salix CC versus Whalers at Harlington on 10-05-2015(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)124all outoff30overs Match Lost
Whalers145for 9off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane0Bowled
2.Deepak Winston5Run Out
3.Christy Kulasingam69Bowled
4.Oliver Shaw0Bowled
5.Ben Shaw15Bowled
6.Stuart Lumsden7Caught
7.David Padmore8LBW
8.Andy Spurr1Bowled
9.Tim Collins0Caught
10.Chris Lamont3Run Out
11.Dillan Unadkat1Not Out
1.Andy Spurr7122211.0021.003.14
2.Deepak Winston40200--5.00
3.Christy Kulasingam3080--2.67
4.David Padmore722345.7510.503.29
5.Stuart Lumsden70280--4.00
6.Dillan Unadkat7032216.0021.004.57
Deepak Winston2catches
Dillan Unadkat1catch
Tim Collins1drop
Chris Lamont1drop

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Tuffers left the following remarks on 11th May 2015

Robbed of a run! Don't score many so they all count! Ed:YM fixed it for you