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Woeful..: vs Demijohns 27 Jun 2010 (Season: 2010)
Report by: Yesterdays Man

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Ex C Ben 12 years: 2000 runs
If CGC is deep in touch with his inner self it will be tricky for him to suppress a slight touch of schadenfreude in that a game in which he didn't play went so badly. Still on the brighter side he could be that linesman in South Africa who didn't see Frankies ball go about a mile over the line.

And so a match report. Well it was totally roasting. Hotter than a (insert your simile here) and a 12.30 start so we could take an extended tea to watch England limp out of the World Cup. It must be said that the ground was totally fabulous - the pavilion was like a palace and a wonderful tea and the groundsman kindly bought along TV for us all. And crisps. What a gent.

Batch from the DJs elected to play a timed game - an unfamiliar thing for us plebs - and after winning the toss we got off to a poor start. Turncoat Rog playing for his other team bowled v well (8 overs - 2 for 9!) and even though the outfield was lighting fast we struggled to get it away. In fact it was only the Dazzler and Jesus who managed to give us a respectable-ish score.

However our bowlers could not replicate this feat and the two DJs openers whacked us all and sundry around to set up a cruise to an easy win. Highlight of the game was a cameo appearance by the legendary Bison who did not bother to field, but did bat a little. Lowlight was of course the England teams performance in SA. Well back to 35 over games in more chavvy surroundings next week. Lets hope it gets bit cooler...

Salix CC versus Demijohns at St Johns Oxford on 27-06-2010(Timed Game)
Salix CC (batting first)186for 9off34overs decMatch Lost
Demijohns187for 2off22.3overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane18Caught
2.Mark Rickman8Bowled
3.Christy Kulasingam14Caught
4.Chris Milton4Caught
5.Ben Shaw25LBW
6.Darren Gavigan36Bowled
7.Alastair Davidson35Caught
8.Tony Fletcher5Stumped
9.Mark Jolly17Not Out
10.Tim Collins3Run Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Chris Milton5034134.0030.006.80
2.Steve Jacobs40270--6.75
3.Alastair Davidson40320--8.00
4.Christy Kulasingam4028128.0024.007.00
5.Tony Fletcher30330--11.00
6.Mark Jolly2.30210--8.40
Tim Collins1drop
Tony Fletcher1drop
Mark Jolly1drop

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Bison left the following remarks on 28th June 2010

Not sure "didn't bother" to field is all that accurate. For some reason, when I indicated to my captain that I had arrived and was willing to take the field, he chose instead to stick with the lithe and athletic 20-year old student who had been covering for me. Totally inexplicable.