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A hillock too far: vs Islip 10 May 2009 (Season: 2009)
Report by: Yesterdays Man

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This year the Oxford smart set are wearing hoops
Unusually clement weather greeted our return to our traditional early season, and now longest serving oppos, Islip. We have been coming here 12 years give or take a rain break and it was 5 all win-wise prior to this match. As Frank said, he can’t remember us not coming.

Now the Islip pitch has been pretty notorious in the past, mainly for the icy cold, the piles of grass in the outfield and the swarms of mini flies. This year play was slightly interrupted by a swarm of bees. But wildlife apart, the Islipians have gone to great lengths with the wicket, having it fully relaid by pro’s no less. But a refund request might be in order as the strip turned out bumpier than Immodesty Blaises' profile (gratuitous reference to a burlesque dancer as nod to the missing Jesus)

Straight bats were not the order of the day for our openers as balls shot everywhere and we slumped to 54 for 6 in just 12 over with Padders receiving a coveted canard d’Or to a total shooter. Still the tail showed some spunk, wagged a bit and generally stiffened (insert one of many pathetic metaphors yourself here) and dragged us up to a just this side of respectable score. Big up to the boy Elvis for a fighting 22 and Rog for solid stand. Commiserations to our new recruit Harjeet for an unlucky golden and even to yours truly who was castled by a shooter that hit the pitch 2/3 of the way down and stayed on the deck. The Islip lads were good enough to apologise and most appreciated it was.

A delicious tea to the sounds of a brass band practising saw us out in the deepening gloom but after one early breakthrough by Padders who had a lifter gloved to first slip, we did not have the same luck with the pitch as our hosts and they glided to an uneventful win.

Still a lovely day out, mainly bright sunshine and truly excellent hosts who have many players as elderly as ours and who appreciate cricket played at snails pace. The day was further enlivened by an appearance by the Oxfordshire Bisons sporting nifty matching his’n’hers matching hooped tops, clearly de rigeur for Summer 2009.

Salix CC versus Islip at Islip on 10-05-2009(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)117all outoff32overs Match Lost
Islip121for 4off27.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane2LBW
2.Mark Rickman16Caught
3.Stuart Lumsden15Bowled
4.David Padmore0Bowled
5.Kunwar Singh11Caught
6.Tim Collins2Bowled
7.Ben Shaw14Bowled
8.Tony Fletcher10Bowled
9.Harjeet Singh0LBW
10.Roger Heaton9Not Out
11.Mike Ellis22Bowled
1.David Padmore8022122.0048.002.75
2.Roger Heaton5.2023123.0032.004.31
3.Stuart Lumsden40130--3.25
4.Kunwar Singh50260--5.20
5.Mike Ellis5031215.5015.006.20
Tony Fletcher1catch
David Padmore1drop
Kunwar Singh1drop

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Bison left the following remarks on 12th May 2009

We did. We were forced to watch a series of Laurel & Hardy batting dismissals followed by a Keystone Cops-esque fielding show courtesy of the Salix Players. Guys, it was dedicated of you to put on that display just to punish us, but next time leave off with the advanced circus skills and concentrate on winning the match.

Chopper left the following remarks on 11th May 2009

Horizontal stripes clearly only make girls look thinner. Never mind that though, surely there must be a penalty for the matching oufits??

VCGC left the following remarks on 11th May 2009

Somebody should tell Bison that horizontal stripes aren't thinning...

Yesterdays Man left the following remarks on 11th May 2009

Hey Trev, sorry and all that. Yet another editorial f-up by yours truly. Age has dimmed my attention to detail and also to the "not getting bowled" part of batting. The former now fixed.

Trevor Bailey left the following remarks on 11th May 2009

where's my wick?