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'Tis better to have traveled and lost than never to have traveled at all.': CAC 9 July 2006 Forest Green (Season: 2006)
Report by: Ginge (Inaugural Match report)

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Famous Gingers
Well that is what Alfred Lord Tennyson would have said he had traveled to the quaint (and very small) cricket ground in Forest Green and, more likely, if he had one of the delicious pork and apple baps from the pub opposite. On Saturday, Salix CC set out hopefully, in view of recent almost team-like performances in weeks gone by, to play Chelsea Arts Club (CAC) at the afore-mentioned ground in deepest Surrey. The journey down was long but enlightening with Roger opting for Cannavaro and Ginge going for Pirlo in a "pick your favourite Italian football player in his pants" competition. Having arrived and refuelled on Strongbow and various meaty sandwiches we were now ready for the important part of the day; the cricket.

The German won the toss and opted to bat with Ginge, almost suffering from vertigo, opening up with the Nurdler. The partnership opened solidly before the Nurdler nurdled one to finely, with almost the entire onside field to aim at, off his gloves straight to the 'keeper. This brought the Bison to the wicket and he and Ginge shared a productive few overs preying on anything too full and making use of the rather short boundary on one side of the pitch. Ginge was finally out for a Salix-best 34, 32 of which came in boundaries. In strode the German, looking confident after a very good run of form. However, in a horrendous mix-up, which Nasser or Inzaman would have been proud of, the Bison was embarrassingly run out. (Ed: He took like a man!)

Whilst this was all going on, we had, rather sportingly, offered CAC a substitute fielder and Ginge took to the field cat-like (well at least like Garfield Bison quipped). Rather unfortunately, the German, and later Elvis, proceeded to dolly a chance straight to him and were both caught. (NB Elvis proved, depending on your point of view, a more effective sub with their 'keeper missing his throw in and catching one on the nose!).

Rather encouragingly the Salix batting bid not collapse, again highlighting our new found fortitude and team spirit. Rickers, Puff, Elvis and Padders all getting valuable runs on the board. Special mention must go to Puff and Padders for some clean hitting and strong defence in the face of some fast and accurate bowling. Padders was finally out to a stunning catch deep in the out-field having contributed 32. Puff's innings was then bought to an end last ball before tea. However, the less said about our attempts to score some quick runs after tea the better and Salix were all out for 178.

CAC's innings got off to a blistering start with some big hitting all around the ground. The German tried to stem the flow of runs with some quick bowling changes but like England in the recent one-dayers we were up against it and struggling for line and length. However, Elvis, carrying on his recent good form with the ball, produced a beauty to bowl CAC's opening bat behind his legs shortly after he had reached his fifty. Sadly, despite a couple of quick wickets from Elvis and Fletch the boundaries kept coming. At the death, Roger was bought back and bowled three superb overs for no reward, although Quicksilver and Ginge both picked up cheap wickets at the other end thanks to Rog's tight spell. Ginge's being a sharp stumping from the German in an unusual fielding position of 'keeper. However, in the end it was all to no avail as CAC strolled home with wickets and overs in hand.

Eds Note: Many alternately haired persons write elegant prose and make a big success in life and on the cricket field. For example, you should see Geri Haliwells bouncers.

Salix CC versus Chelsea Arts Club at Forest Green on 09-07-2006(37 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)178all outoff37overs Match Lost
Chelsea Arts Club179for 6off23.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane2Caught
2.Stuart Lumsden34Caught
3.Mark Dyson17Run Out
4.Andy Rayner11Caught
5.Mark Rickman16Bowled
6.Andrew Harvey24Bowled
7.Mike Ellis14Caught
8.David Padmore32Caught
9.Jehan DeSilva11Bowled
10.Roger Heaton0Bowled
11.Tony Fletcher2Not Out
1.Roger Heaton4.22290--6.69
2.David Padmore20250--12.50
3.Mark Rickman2017117.0012.008.50
4.Mike Ellis6130215.0018.005.00
5.Tony Fletcher5052152.0030.0010.40
6.Jehan DeSilva2011111.0012.005.50
7.Stuart Lumsden20717.0012.003.50
Mark Dyson1catch
Mike Ellis1catch
Jehan DeSilva1drop

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