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Not a lot to report on this game.: Constitution at Glaxo 22 Aug (Season: 1999)
Report by: Fletch

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Ben hits a four
We batted first, then got them all out for 93. Mind you they have only just started playing. Fred was out to a very soft run out, then the Clarkster and Ben put on an excellent partnership. Things turned a bit pear shaped for Marco - having been tutored in the arcane art of batting for sometime by the past-it maestro Fletch, he was promoted up the batting order full of confidence. Sadly, we forget to mention the stumping rule and poor Marco was marching back after only 2 balls. The tail saw a bit of spirit, Fletch hitting his only 4 of the season., Jacobs unbeaten on 2 - a record, and Dave hitting a very fancy 19 no. Things looked good at tea.

Excellent bowling from Caddick, sorry, Steve saw less than his fair share of wickets again, and Alex seemed slower than usual (too much Crème Brulee methinks..) Richard Winter dropped a corker which hit him on the shoulder when he wasn't looking, but wickets fell pretty steadily. Our esteemed Captain then suspiciously put himself on to bowl against their rather feeble tail and Bingo! - 4 wickets for 8 runs off ten balls?

A pleasant day all around, an excellent kosher vegetarian tea from Fred and it was home for an early bath


Salix CC versus Constitution at Glaxo on 22-08-1999(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)174for 9off40overs Match Won
Constitution93all outoff27.4overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Richard Winter4Caught
2.Fred Maroudas5Run Out
3.Neil Clark33Bowled
4.Ben Shaw44Bowled
5.Dominic Guinness11Bowled
6.Matt Swindells19Bowled
7.Alex Newton9Caught & Bowled
8.Marco Bouman0Stumped
9.Tony Fletcher9Bowled
10.Dave Henig19Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs2Not Out
1.Steve Jacobs52313.0030.000.60
2.Alex Newton41100--2.50
3.Neil Clark821635.3316.002.00
4.Dave Henig4024124.0024.006.00
5.Matt Swindells5026126.0030.005.20
6.Dominic Guinness1.41842.002.504.80

Matt plays a straight bat

Steve comes off with a trophy

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