1. Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (Stephen Fry)
2. FOOTBALL offers the world clichés; RUGBY produces facial deformity; HOCKEY provides an acceptable outlet for psychotic violence; CRICKET alone breeds myths... More quotes here.

The Rodbert Brothers Cup Jan Feb 2005

A great day, £200 graciously donated to charity http://www.primaryclub.org by the Rodberts and plans for the same in 2006

Game 4: 20 Feb Final

Salix     MWs  
Nurdler 15   Stephen 6 run out
Bison 58   Murdo 0 b Steve-O
The German 10 stumped   Lars 71
Ginger duck Mankaded   Jon 3 b Steve-O
Warrick 11 c Tim   Tim 3 run out
Steve-O 1 run out   Wuff 9 run out
Extras 34   Extras 26
Total 129   Total 117
And so the final: the lead up was fraught, with the Salix secret weapon fastie crocked after falling drunk down the stairs (see Injury 22) and the MWs big hitter Lars having to put his pre match fag out only half smoked. And so Captain Wuff won the toss and put Gingers Salixites into bat. A substantial number of extras later, some big hitting from the Bison (including a 6) and long planned Mankad from Wuff saw the Salix lads trot in for tea at 129. Special mention to the German for his magnificent pull off the one from Stephen heading straight for his bonce.

The MWs opened slowly and lost wickets steadily, but no one had bargained for the performance of the increasingly florid Lars who magnificently hit 71, and who single-handedly took the game to the last over. And close it was, but eventually a tip and run too far. And so Salix came out the winners.

The trophy was graciously presented by Dennis, father of the eponymous cup donators and by common consent, MOTM was the by now bright purple Lars and anti man of the match, Tim, for his gratuitous destruction of a set of plastic wickets after being run out.


MOTM Lars the Purple Tim recreates his "moment" The Bison collects the trophy from Dennis on behalf of Salix

Game 3: 13 Feb St Annes v Mighty Wanderers

MWs     STAS  
Murdo 6   Begley 33
Steve 13   FOJHA duck
Lars 25 retd   Abrahams duck
Jon 25 ret   THA 27
Graf 7   Alex 6
Ricardo 8   Crawford duck
Extras 14   Extras 23
Total 97   Total 89
Winning the toss, Lars (standing in for the late Capn Wuff) put the Wanderers into bat, and steady if not stately progress was made. Facing a decent total STAS got off to a bit of a slow start and it was thence uphill all the way. Neeeding some 30 off the last 3 overs they tried very hard but it was a ball and cliche too far as the MWs trotted home the winners and into the finals

Game 2: 30 January Salix v Mighty Wanderers

Saliix     MWs  
Captain Andy 9 b   Chas 0 b
Adam 11 b   Murdo 17 b
The bison 9 ct   Lars 21 b
Mr Purple 29 b   John 9 run out
Madhu 1 b   Tim 6 run out
Steve-O 7 (b?)   Gaf 1 out ?
Extras 32   Extras 26
Total 99   Total 80
Some reverse altitude sickness affecting our planned Captain Ginger saw his shoes filled nicely by the German who won the toss and elected to bat. A steady performance saw the Salix lads moving along steadily, and then Mr Purple started hammering it around for an extra spurt and Steve-O turned up late, but just in time, to hit a career best 7 and Salix went for tea at 99 all out off 11.3 overs

Bowling-wise Salix got an early wicket and the MWs were under the cosh a bit. A brave fight back by the middle order could not put the tail in touch with winning and the last over saw them with nearly 20 left to get: a bat to far. I was amused to see the Salix teams bowling attack as scored by Wufferelli appeared to consist of Frank, Steve, Barney, Olaf and Luigi (with the Bison apparently not attracting a new name)
Celebrity sighting, a certain Mr M Gatting working the bowling machine

And so the final will be Salix CC vs the winner of the St Annes: MW Game

Game 1: 16 January Salix v St Annes

Salix     STAS  
Dom 25 retd then 7   Mike 4 out
Ginge 27 retd   John 7 out
Fletch 4 run out   Scratch 2 out
Mark 20 run out   Chris 16 out
Rog 12 b   Tim 9 out
Capn Warrick 12 not out   Tom 2 out
Extras 15   Extras 16
Total 122 of 12 overs   Total 56 off 8 overs
This inaugural game saw the lads line up on a fine winters day (Mr Purple courtesy of his Aunt driving him at top speed on account of his sleeping in after not getting to bed till 8 am. Ah sweet bird of youth) Losing the toss, Capn Warrick was put into bat, and a whack fest ensued esp. from Ginge, impressing his new lady friend from across the Pond and special mentions also to the Nurdler: game top scorer and Mr A, back from a long period out due to fatherhood.

Following a swift turn around, St Annes commenced in OK style, but the run rate was a big ask and it never really looked on the cards. Special mention (somewhat surprisingly perhaps), Mr Purple was in excellent form with the ball and bowled very meanly

* (the book doesn’t record how out)

And so it was off to the cricket club bar. Next game Salix v Mighty Wanderers.

Any draws sorted out on Run rate