1. Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (Stephen Fry)
2. FOOTBALL offers the world clichés; RUGBY produces facial deformity; HOCKEY provides an acceptable outlet for psychotic violence; CRICKET alone breeds myths... More quotes here.

Six a Side Games Nov Dec 2004: The Precursor to the Rodbert Cup Games

Game 2: vs Mighty Wanderers -  Warricks warriors whack wobbling Wanderers with 4 balls to go: 21 Nov: Middlesex Cricket Academy.  2pm 

The Lads: Back, LR Tim, Lars, Barrott, Murdo, Gaf, Tjaz, Warrick Front: Wuff, New Dom, Fletch, Rog, The Bison

Fresh from our whacking v LNCC (see below) the Salix boys turned up under a new Captain (fat old bloke fired in first ball duck disgrace..).  Sadly we were without Ginger whose plane from Buenos Aries was late touching down and VC The German whose plane for the Big Apple was just taking off. 

Winning the toss, Captain Warrick put the Wanderers in to bat first and indeed they spanked a few around, then Salix broke through and kept the score rate lowish (I promised Barrott I wouldn’t mention him dropping a catch behind, but he failed to bribe me with enough money).  A quick turnaround saw Captain Warrick make a grand tactical move by putting the elderly batsmen in first.  As expected, the oldest was out first ball again, and New Dom faced only 2 balls , but was out there for about 20 minutes at the other end as Rog whacked away.  In the event the Bison and the Captain came good hitting the winning ball with 4 balls left.

A real thriller and enjoyed by all I understand.  So off again to the Finchley CC club bar to hatch great plans for an early 2005 mini tournament. Keep watching . And again, big up to Raj and Kumar for ump and scoring


Lars Retd 32
Murdo Ct , bowler Fletch 8
Tjaz Run out 12
Gaf  Run out 10
Soth Not out 0
Wuff Not out 5
Extras   13
Total   82


Dom Run out 0
Fletch Ct bowler Lars 0
Rog Run out 18
The Bison Not out 10
Barrott Ct bowler ?? 4
Warrick Not out 27
Extras   24
Total   83


Rog and the Bison whack'em Raj and Kumar, Umpire and Scorer par excellence

Game 1: vs LNCC Sad Salix succumb in six a side shambles: 14 Nov: Middlesex Cricket Academy.  2pm

As a prelude to our appearance in the Lords December 6 a side competition Salix played the first of two warm up games, against our old nemesis, The London Nigerians.  You might, of course, wonder why we should pick the very best team we ever play to kick off our try at a new format.  Well, clearly it’s best to get mullah’d very early on, then the only way is up.  Sort of like Norwich FC (except they are clearly going down).  And the LNCC lads were fresh from their cricket dinner and well hung over.  But then again, I’d been dancing the night away at a Welsh Society Barn Dance and Steve-O had been blasting out Smoke on the Water at a Deep Purple concert. Anyhow, to the mullahing..

Firstly big thanks to Raj and his Dad, Kumar, for umpiring and scoring.  The LNCC batted first and got a cracking 129 off 12 overs. The 4 Salix bowlers, Steve-O, Rog, the Bison and Madhu.  The game moves a bit fast to record bowling figures, however only Rog got a wicket (Ct behind by Fletch, small miracle). 

Faced with this rather massive total, the Salixites started OK with Rog and the Bison, but then stumbled violently with yours truly especially culpable with a Golden (well, you can see it all in the score book) 


Roland retd 26
Sam retd 29
Mike Run out 4
Mordii Ct fletch 7
Okpaku Not out 16
Tade Not out 25
Extras   22
total   129


The Bison Run out 14
Rog c ?? 7
Barrott Hit wicket 1
Madhu Ct mike 0
Fletch Ct mike 0
Steve-O B 1
Extras   8
total   31
So what’s the secret, apart from being skilled, young and fit that is?  Well it seems that getting a 1 or 2 off every ball and not getting out does it.But a very pleasant hour out, then off to the Finchley CC club bar for a few bevvies, some performance enhancing ciggies, a game or two of pool and plenty of discussion as to why cricket is the worlds greatest game.