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2007 Tour To Sweden: June 28th, back Monday July 2nd

New 23 July: Flossies tour photos here

Assembling at the hell that is Stanstead on full security alert, the Salixites plus the Mighty Wanderers jointly assembled for a three way tour to Guttsta Wicked CC, the most northerly permanent cricket ground in the world and one made famous in the Rainmen.

I did a more serious write up here for the European Cricket Council:

For what must be a unique occasion that fact that Ryanair- Stockholm is nearly 100 miles from Stockholm was a big help to us as we flew to Vasteras and then a quick coach ride to the little village of Kolsva. Whilst most of the lads had stocked up on beer and fags, we had also brought the weather with us, and sadly intermittent and sometimes heavy rain continued nearly all weekend. Considering the massive amount of work that the Guttsta lads had put in to make us all welcome this was one severe kick in the googlies. But hey, that's why Captain Ben bought his anorak.

First off we kicked off with a game v the MWs, where the Swedish ringers, Lars and his Bro Jan continued their mullahing of our bowling. Only the fact that their bowlers conceded a monstrous 60 extras helped the scorebook look somewhat reasonable. Still the event was captured by Swedish TV (mad people in white cavort in rain etc-) you can see the video here.

The planned Saturday game between us and Guttsta had to be abandoned due to a cloudburst, but as it cleared up and as it’s light all night at this time of year, we got 20 overs in about 6 pm and Salix staggered to a win in the sopping wet. Sunday saw a drizzly MWs beat the hosts.

Well, no cavortings on this tour as Kolsva is a tiny place that barely boasts a boozer. We did see a few Elk though and our hosts regularly took the Volvos to the State liquor store to keep the boys topped up with Swedish beer and the barbie never stopped. The event was rounded off with a prize giving and a game of 5-a-side where the Salix boys took the boot to the MWs and ran in 5-4 winners.

We are all winners
Well actually we aren’t but hey: Man of the Tour award and a rather nice Swedenish medal went to CK1 (who graciously donated the crapper of the two to Les) and for the 20/20 game to Flossie.  ThE Ginger Express also picked up a gong

Lars pumps the Gingers Expresses mitt CK1 looks suitably modest Flossie chats to a character from "Don't look now"

Some Thanks

A big up to Hans who singly handedly has carved a ground that Lords could be proud of out of the virgin pine forest, and to all his colleagues who cooked barbies, got beer and were generally all round excellent chaps. And young Elton too. Only 9 but with the maturity of a much older person (e.g. Rog)

He's a loser

The MWs mascot Handsome Jock gets the Albert Pierrepoint treament Les lagers it up whilst his 6 quid bat gets torched



Salix CC versus Mighty Wanderers at Kolsva - Sweden on 29-06-2007 ( 40 Over Game )
Salix CC (batting second) 152 all out off 34 overs Match Lost
Mighty Wanderers 197 all out off 40 overs
No Player Score How Out
1. Dominic Spillane 0 Caught
2. Tony Fletcher 3 Caught
3. Mark Dyson 15 Caught
4. Stuart Lumsden 17 LBW
5. Ben Shaw 0 Bowled
6. Christy Kulasingam 40 Not Out
7. Richard Kluth 0 LBW
8. Graham Nannery 1 Caught
9. Roger Heaton 9 Run Out
10. Jehan DeSilva 0 Bowled
11. Kunal Dutta 7 LBW
12. Steve Jacobs 0 Did Not Bat
Extras 60
Total 152
No. Player Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Ave SR Econ
1. Stuart Lumsden 5 0 22 0 - - 4.40
2. Roger Heaton 4 0 28 0 - - 7.00
3. Christy Kulasingam 5 0 25 1 25.00 30.00 5.00
4. Steve Jacobs 7 0 27 2 13.50 21.00 3.86
5. Kunal Dutta 8 0 33 0 - - 4.13
6. Jehan DeSilva 8 0 36 2 18.00 24.00 4.50
7. Tony Fletcher 3 0 18 3 6.00 6.00 6.00
Jehan DeSilva 1 catch



Salix CC versus Guttsta Wicked CC at Kolsva - Sweden on 30-06-2007 ( 20 Over Game )
Salix CC (batting second) 98 for 5 off 18 overs Match Won
Guttsta Wicked CC 97 for 3 off 20 overs
No Player Score How Out
1. Graham Nannery 7 Bowled
2. Jehan DeSilva 2 Caught
3. Richard Kluth 24 Bowled
4. Roger Heaton 0 Caught
5. Christy Kulasingam 31 Not Out
6. Ben Shaw 1 Run Out
7. Mark Dyson 14 Not Out
8. Tony Fletcher 0 Did Not Bat
9. Stuart Lumsden 0 Did Not Bat
10. Kunal Dutta 0 Did Not Bat
11. Dominic Spillane 0 Did Not Bat
12. Steve Jacobs 0 Did Not Bat
Extras 19
Total 98
No. Player Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Ave SR Econ
1. Steve Jacobs 4 0 17 1 17.00 24.00 4.25
2. Stuart Lumsden 4 1 14 1 14.00 24.00 3.50
3. Jehan DeSilva 4 0 22 1 22.00 24.00 5.50
4. Kunal Dutta 4 0 16 0 - - 4.00
5. Tony Fletcher 2 0 10 1 10.00 12.00 5.00
6. Christy Kulasingam 2 0 15 0 - - 7.50
Mark Dyson 1 catch
Jehan DeSilva 1 drop
Tony Fletcher 1 drop
Graham Nannery 1 drop