1. Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (Stephen Fry)
2. FOOTBALL offers the world clichés; RUGBY produces facial deformity; HOCKEY provides an acceptable outlet for psychotic violence; CRICKET alone breeds myths... More quotes here.

Play for us?

Like many clubs we are always on the lookout for new members - they are important to developing the team and to become the next generation. We have been around nearly 30 years and more than 100 people have played 5 or more games for us. There is no particular type of person plays for us and everyone is welcome. We try to go out of our way to make new players welcome, although in return we do ask for a level of commitment.

We do cricket nets Feb–April at the Oval and so you are welcome to come to some of those to see if you like us and we like you. Our games are in and around West London (our home pitch is the Imperial College ground at Harlington, near Heathrow and handy for the M4) with a few up at Oxford College Grounds (we always arrange lifts).

Regarding skill, we are classed as weak-medium, so it's best if you have a moderate level of skill (eg played for the School, College or Uni) but it doesn’t at all matter if you haven’t played for years or are coming back to the game. Several of our players have come to us from League cricket as they like the style of the Sunday friendly game.

It's true that many of our players join as they know someone in the team already, but that isn’t always the case – several of our current regulars have come via the Internet - we are really equal opportunities and will make you feel welcome. A key feature of our team is the concept of forward planning and rotation – players are asked for their availability 4-6 weeks ahead and if we have too many players then we select teams by dropping random players, even the Captain. So everyone gets an even chance and you don’t have to commit to play every week to get regular games. That all said, if you say you'll play we expect you to!

You can get a flavour of the cricket we play by looking at our match reports – competitive yes, but always friendly. If you enjoy a good sledge we are not the team for you. We play in some lovely locations and only on high quality grass pitches. We tour abroad every year, and have done for nearly 20 years without fail!

If we sound like we could be of interest to you then send an email to someone on this page with your phone number and we'll have a chat.